Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Birthdays and Gifts

I opened my ebay account username plumping.pinksoda and I was looking for a birthday gift to my wife. I thought it was so easy to find a gift for her but I was wrong. Looking for a perfect gift is so daunting because I wanted it to be special. I imagined her smile when she looks at it and when  she opens it. The thing that makes her happy. I truly know that she is a simple girl with a simple needs, but picking a simple gift isn't that simple anymore. There are a lot a choices and you want to pick the gift that makes her smile.

Why do we always wait for the last day to get something for our loved ones? Is it because we are too busy to care? But we care enough to because when the special day comes, we scramble to find the nicest gift. We go out of our busy life just to go to the department store on the last minute. Only to find out that the gift we gave is not the one they want. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

One year of not Writing Anything

It has been more than a year since I last wrote on this blog. How can I not write anything for one year? For one, life has been busy for me. Wait.. I think I am making excuses for not writing. Hahaha. Saying I am busy is the oldest excuse a person can say. I really hate it when people say they are busy, it just means for me that I don't have time for you or I don't effing care about you. Pardon my language but I think I am guilty too 'coz I say that a lot of time to people too. LOL...

BTW, I remember that this blog got me in trouble with my work before. It was a lesson learned but I'm glad someone is reading this from another part of the planet. It just made my blog more intriguing I guess.

I got to go back to watching Califonication. That show got me hooked on blogging again. I never thought that writing on a blog could buy you a Porsche. I guess that only happens in Hollywood.

As my favourite Starcraft2 commentator, Huskystarcraft, would say... I'll see you guys... Next time.

c",) - jeumerc